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Essentials - A Quick List


Moving around is done by typing the direction you wish to move, or an abbreviation of the direction. So, 'north' and 'n' will both work. the room you are in will tell you which exits are appropriate. Some exits may have obstacles, or be barricaded - this will be represented in the list of directions available in each room. Obstacles may be passed if you have the requisite skills, but barricades must be 'breach'ed.


Combat on Epitaph is positional - you can begin combat using the 'kill' command if you are not attacked yourself. 'engage' is used to bring yourself into melee range, but creatures will often force range on you themselves. While you are in melee range, you cannot move from your current room unless all your opponents are prone. You can make an attempt to 'disengage' from combat too, to remove yourself from melee range.


The 'tell' command lets you send a private message to another player. 'say' lets you send some text to everyone in your current room. If you have a radio, you can chat with people through that too. If you're having a problem before you have access to a radio, the 'newbie' command will give you access to the newbie channel where people can help.

Communication with NPCs is done via a conversational keyword system. The 'greet' command allows you to greet an NPC, and the 'ask' command will let you ask an NPC for further information about anything it says. The 'options mud_output conversation_keywords' will allow you to make pursueable keywords either MXP linked or coloured to assist in conversation.


There is an extensive options system which allows you to customise certain aspects of the game to your liking. This can be accessed via the 'options' command. Some of these are presentational, some are about gameplay, and others deal with network communications. You can browse the mud_output options by using, for example, 'options mud_output'. If you wanted to switch on your voting reminder (and we'd appreciate if you would), you could set that using 'options mud_output vote_reminder = on'. See the 'options' helpfile for more details.

What do I do now?

Once you've left the newbie tutorial and ended up in the Winchester, you are part of the game proper. You begin on Alphabet Street, which is a fenced in enclosure that is (almost) entirely safe. It contains a number of quests, a faction with whom you can curry favour, and a number of areas rich with scavengables and supplies as well as a number of useful practice objects. It is worth getting to know this area before you venture out into the city proper, because it's dangerous out there.

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