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Age Limit - The Age of Consent


Epitaph operates an age restriction - we are an eighteen rated game. This isn't an accredited rating, more a matter of our internal policy. Basically, that's the cut-off point where we feel comfortable in setting our theme. Since we don't require credit card numbers of any kind of online authentication, there's little we can do to actually police the age limit. That doesn't mean it's just symbolic though.


Largely our ability to determine your age is based on the disclosures you make. If we find out that you are under our age rating, we will act to stop your ability to log in. Usually this will be a suspension until you're of a suitable age, but this will be handled on an individual basis.


Epitaph may be a text game (and thus, does not come under much of the cateories covered by, for example, PEGI) but the theme and content is still very adult oriented. There are threats of sexual violence, bad language, and quests of an extremely dark nature. As such, the administration of the MUD use the age rating to ensure the appropriate warnings are in place and that we have grounds to suspend should someone be caught flaunting the restriction. More details on our policy can be found at http://epitaph.imaginary-realities.com/wp/?p=739.

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