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Rules Summary - The TLDR version


Any society needs rules to function, and we have some here on Epitaph. First though, I want to explain the intention behind the rules and provide a disclaimer - rules are subject to change at any time, for any reason, and are binding from that point onwards. Your continued involvement with the game is considered to be your tacit agreement that you accept the rules. We don't have many of these rules, so we expect you to obey the ones we do have.

The intention of the rules are simple - to ensure the maximum number of people are having the maximum amount of fun for the maximum period of time. The rules we have work under the assumption that you as a player are a mature, sensible adult capable of mature and sensible engagement with a community. As such, we expect you to understand why rules exist as they do.

The Spirit Of The Law

We have no truck here with Rules Lawyers. The intention behind each of our rules should be perfectly plain (if it's not, ask and we'll make it plainer). Because the intention should be clear, it is violating the intention of the rules that is considered an offence, rather than violating the letter. That means if you do something that technically, TECHNICALLY, isn't against the rules, you can still be punished if it's clear that you are violating what the spirit of the rules happens to be. If you don't like that this might be the case, I can only recommend that you look for some other community to be a part of.

Community Policing

We are, at heart, developers and not very interested in policing a game community. To go along with that we're also believers that the best people to deal with community norms are the people within it. As such, Epitaph offers a community policing system accessed through the 'community' command. People can vote on punishments and these will be enacted by the system when a motion is advanced and determined to be quorate. See 'help community policing' for more details.

Age Limit

We are an eighteen rated game. You would have had to agree that you meet this age rating to create an account here - if we find out that you're below this limit, we will have to act.


Profanity is permitted on Epitaph, provided you aren't excessive with it. Profanity though is not permitted on the newbie channel, or the default talker channel (1240) since these are the first channels new players will encounter. Be warned though that it's easy to verge into offensive territory with profanity, and you should be mindful of our harassment rules.


This is permitted in no way, shape or form on Epitaph.


While you're here, you're expected to play the game. Not have scripts and aliases play for you.

Character Sharing

Character sharing is not permitted on Epitaph, and violation of this rule can result in deletion of your character(s).

Bug Abuse

Bug Abuse is not permitted on Epitaph, and violation of this rule can result in deletion of your character(s).


Creators abide by rules too, and one of these relates to your privacy as a player. Creators are not permitted to spy on players without good reason (usually relating to an investigation of bug abuse or harassment)

Creator interaction

Creators are not permitted to have any impact on the game world. That means no handing out money or equipment, no increasing your skills, no telling you anything that counts as 'in-game knowledge'. Creators are permitted to play the game, but they must do so with registered alst and cannot use any of their creator power to advantage their characters.

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